Message Of The President

Message Of The President

The third General Convention of the Federation of Nepal Printer’s Association (FNPA), the one and only umbrella organization of the Nepalese printers, held in Kathmandu on 17th November, 2018 elected a new executive committee for two years term (2018-2020) under my chairmanship. I would like to extend my sincere thanks from my inner heart to all the representatives, observers, election committee members staffers, and many other several immanent personalities for their active participation and engagement to make the convention a great success.

We sincerely commit that the tenure of the incumbent committee will be very fruitful to add a building block to pave the way to materialize the objectives and goals set by the federation since its inception. We promise to move hand-in-hand and co-work with the governmental and nongovernmental organizations for the larger benefits of the printing fraternity to achieve economic prosperity goal set by the nation.

We are proud to mention that the new executive committee has taken initiations to incapacitate the print industries to tackle the new age’s challenges in the business. We, meanwhile, acknowledge all the great efforts made by our predecessors to this end.

Last but not least, I would kindly offer my gratitude to all who know us through this business and hope for continued cooperation towards greater goals and a brighter future ahead.

Puskal Gautam